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    De Dietrich - Master of innovation, always ahead of its time.

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    World's first full zoneless hob. Cooking now comes with freedom of expression with a 100% “open space” cooking zone.

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    Chefs of De Dietrich

    • Chef-Owner ,

      With over 20 years of experience in fine dining, French Chef Nathalie is one of the most prominent names in the Malaysian culinary landscape. Coached by the famous three Michelin star Anne-Sophie Pic, she was named Outstanding Chef of the Year by Time Out Magazine, and the Grand Cauldron winner at the Malaysia International Gourmet Festival. Through her company, NATHALIE GOURMET STUDIO, located in Kuala Lumpur, she is offering her expertise, knowledge and passion for food in the service of businesses, embassies and individuals.

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      Chef Chef Nathalie Arbefeuille
    • Executive Chef & Restaurant General Manager ,
      The Prime Society, Singapore

      A talented chef with more than a few awards under his belt, Dallas brings a touch of elegance to both plate and place, shifting the restaurants gears from a down-to-earth steakhouse to an urban grill restaurant.

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      Chef Dallas Cuddy
    • Chef de Cuisine ,
      OSO Ristorante

      A perfectionist who hand selects the finest ingredients, Diego is highly experienced and travelled, and has been internationally recognized for his unique style of cuisine on numerous occasions.

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      Chef Diego Chiarini
    • Chef & Owner ,

      Chef Francois takes his place as one of Singapore’s most renowned chefs, bagging prestigious awards such as the 2011 GlobalChef© Award, alongside international favorites like Daniel Boulud.

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      Chef Francois Mermilliod
    • Corporate Chef ,
      Punjab Grill

      Corporate Chef at Punjab Grill, Singapore is probably the premier exponent of creating unique Indian dishes for the Singaporean palate. Chef Javed has spent more than 11 years in various Indian restaurants in Singapore and has refined his skills after hours of arduous training and cooking.

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      Chef Javed Ahamad
    • Chef & Owner ,
      Vis-à-Vis Restaurant

      Vis-à-Vis has been constantly nominated by the Tatler’s 100 best restaurant since 1993 till now. The awards can be seen on the walls of the restaurant.

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      Chef Jeremy Choo
    • Chef & Director ,
      Le Saint Julien

      Winner of At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy's Global Chef of the Year award (2006), Bompard is known for culinary excellence and passion in promoting French cuisine.

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      Chef Julien Bompard
    • Chef-Partner ,

      Winner of the Gold Award for Retail Courtesy by the Singapore Kindness Movement Council, Lester Heng enjoys creating unique patries and menus with a surprise element.

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      Chef Lester Heng
    • Chef & Owner ,
      Sugar Daddy Group

      A self-confessed sweet-toothed gourmand, Chef Pang Kok Keong has always envisioned revolutionizing Singapore’s sweet eating culture, one spoonful of sugar at a time. Today, Chef Pang has distinguished himself as one of the most prolific and well-regarded pâtissiers in Singapore and the region.

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      Chef Pang Kok Keong
    • Executive Chef ,
      Flutes Singapore

      Passionate, enthusiastic and committed, this Australian chef’s unique European creations draw inspiration from local cuisine and produce.

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      Chef Peter Rollinson